We are currently going through structural changes to the business, and as a result we are currently closed to most orders from new customers. If you are an existing customer looking for a replacement part to an existing device, or are interested in buying Pandora Locks or Barrel Locks, we can support you, please email [email protected] to place an order.

We design, make and sell custom chastity devices.

Over 200 devices sold, 97% customer satisfaction.

Customer reviews

"Thank you very much for your prompt response and great customer service. Is the best cage I have worn very comfy and lightweight."

"I think you have a great product and I have been enjoying it."

"Great devices"

"The cage is fantastic and the most comfortable I’ve ever worn"

"The cages provided previously are excellent and I love the fact we can order customised units which make for a very comfortable fit."

"These have been the most comfortable and best fitting I have tried to date."

"A good cage that worked well"

"Device is strong, I am impressed."

"The chastize me cage is the lightest and easiest-to-wear cage I've ever tried. Made perfectly to requested measurements, it is a great fit that is comfortable for long term wear. Highly recommended!"

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  • Change in regular ring size

    Hello everyone, To improve the quality, dependability and reliability of our products, we are increasing the regular thickness of our rings from 6.5mm to 8.5mm from all new orders starting today. You will still be able to order the older regular (6.5mm) thickness from the individual ring product page for the time being. If you order our new regular thickness ring with an older age, this will add 2mm to the length of the cage. All new cages designed going forward will have the new ring design incorporated into the design. Thanks and best wishes, Leia
  • Chastize Me! - New Years Update!

    We hope you all had a good Christmas and have a good new year. We hope you weren't on Santa's (or partners) naughty list!  We have just completed some updates to our hardware, and are back in action for the new year.  To celebrate
  • Introducing Purple! Discontinuing white.

    We are now offering purple as a colour choice for our cages, which covers the same guarantee that our other colours have. We are however discontinuing white for new customers, any returning customers that wish to order a replacement cage or ring in a white colour will still be able to do so, just please let us know via email at: [email protected], or send us a comment with your order. Thank you!
  • Pink colour change

    Our materials provider has updated our pink colour, and so if you are placing a second order with us for the same colour of cage, please expect a change to the colour going forward. The new pink looks great and much more in line with what I originally wanted from our provider initially. The new colour contains less red in the hue than the previous pink we used, and is a great choice for those wanting a more girly or sissy colour theme to their chastity cage! 

  • Text on cages

    Have you seen any chastity device designs out there where you can put your own naughty message or pet name on your chastity cage? Well you have now! 
  • Now launched: Standard sizing!

    Thank you to our loyal customers and feedback, we have successfully operated this shop for a year, offering custom chastity cages. Moving forward, alongside side our customised chastity devices we are also now offering standard sizing of our