Here at Chastize Me! we offer devices tailored to your specific needs, and designed for maximum comfort and ease of use for long term wear. Whether you are a permanent chastity user, or just interested in occasional wear, the benefits and comforts of a custom made chastity device are important for the ease of daily wear. Custom chastity is generally associated as being expensive! However, here at Chastize Me! our approach to manufacturing your device maintains strict quality control standards whilst also being affordable for more people interested in locking themselves up in their perfectly suited and unique device!

Whilst our devices might be a guilty pleasure for you, we have made an effort to ensure that our devices are also sustainably produced from bioplastic, the longer you hang on to your device the longer that carbon is no longer in the atmosphere! 

We also ensure total discretion for you, our customers, from order to delivery. 

Cheeky, Devious and Sustainable as any good device, and indeed anything, should be.