Have you seen any chastity device designs out there where you can put your own naughty message or pet name on your chastity cage? Well you have now! 

For a small extra fee, we will engrave any phrase up to 9 characters long onto your chastity cage order with us with any of our enclosure customised sizing designs. This means that you can have a constant reminder of your status, your pet name, or whatever else is playing on your mind whilst you are locked in that perfectly fitting and comfortable chastity cage! 

We are pretty flexible with the range of text characters that you can use, including alt code characters. Just hold alt and the corresponding number on the num-pad, and a symbol will appear in the text box, just enter alt codes into a search engine for inspiration and how to use them! If you are having any issues or want to request something with us more directly, just send us an email, and we will be happy to help!  

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