We have a responsibility to our environment and recognise that responsibility in the design and function of our business. As a result we are taking a number of steps to minimise our impact on the environment and in fact use this business as a means of environmental renewal. 

Here are the steps we have currently taken:

1. Our plastic devices are made from a plant based plastic rather than oil based plastics.  

2. The largest contribution to carbon emissions in our business is shipping. Therefore, our business carbon offsets any remaining emissions from this shipping. Whilst we are a small business and unable to calculate our exact carbon footprint, we have produced an estimate based on an unlikely but worst case scenario, and then offset this at 20x that estimate to ensure that our emissions are accounted for. What this means in practice is that making a purchase with us now contributes £1.50 to carbon reduction and offsetting scheme. You can see our certificate for this here.

3. The electricity we use as part of our business is all from a zero carbon source, powered entirely from renewable energy with a renewable energy supplier that invests in expanding renewable energy production.

4. The packaging we use minimises plastic use entirely. Even the tape we use is now plastic free!

5. Our boxes are FSC certified, and made from over 60% recycled material. 

If you have any questions about this, or any tips on how we can be more sustainable, please let us know.